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The Academy of Management Awards

AOM Entrepreneurship Division - 2011 Award Winners


McGraw-Hill/Irwin Innovation in Entrepreneurship Pedagogy

Eric Noyes (Babson College) Heidi Neck (Babson College) and Steve Schiffman (Babson College) for "Social Entrepreneurship by Design"


Kennesaw State University/Cox Family Enterprise Center Best Family Business Paper

Reg Litz (University of Manitoba) and Nick Turner (University of Manitoba) for "Sins of the father's firm: Exploring responses to ethical dilemmas in family business"


Best Social Entrepreneurship Paper (sponsored by Rowan University)

Aparna Katre (Case Western Reserve University) and Paul Salipante (Case Western Reserve University) for "Roadmap for the creation and survival of nascent social entrepreneurial ventures"


Kennesaw State University/ Coles College of Business, Best Empirical Paper

Justin B. Craig (Bond University), Clay Dibrell (University of Mississippi), Donald O. Neubaum (Oregon State University), and Christopher H. Thomas (University of Mississippi) for "Stewardship climate scale: Measurement and an assessment of reliability and validity"


Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice Best Conceptual Paper

Matthew Rodgers (Ohio State University) and Daniel Han Ming Chng (Sungkyunkwan University) for "A model of stigma failure threat on entrepreneurs' strategic behaviors during new venture distress"


IDEA Awards Foundational Paper award

Scott Shane (Case Western Reserve University) for "Prior knowledge and the discovery of entrepreneurial opportunities"


IDEA Awards Thought Leader papers

Denis Gregoire (Georgia State University), Pamela S. Barr (Georgia State University), and Dean A. Shepherd (Indiana University) for "Cognitive processes of opportunity recognition: the role of structural alignment"


Chad Navis (University of Wisconsin) and Mary Ann Glynn (Boston College) for "How new market categories emerge: temporal dynamics of legitimacy, identity and entrepreneurship in Satellite Radio, 1990-2005"


Marilyn A. Uy (University of Victoria), Maw-Der Foo (University of Colorado-Boulder), and Herman Aguinis (Indiana University) for "Using sampling methodology to advance entrepreneurship theory and research"


Greif Research Impact Award (sponsored by the University of Southern California)

Ted Baker (North Carolina State University) and Reed Nelson (Southern Illinois University) for "Creating something from nothing: Resource construction through entrepreneurial bricolage," published in 2005 in Administrative Science Quarterly, vol. 50(3).


National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Award for Best Doctoral Dissertation on Entrepreneurship and Independent Business

Alejandro S. Amezcua (Syracuse University) for "Boon or Boondoggle? Business Incubation as Entrepreneurship Policy"


Heizer Award for Best Doctoral Dissertation on New Enterprise Development

David W. Williams (Georgia State University) for "Why do different new ventures internationalize differently? A cognitive model of entrepreneurs' internationalization decisions"


Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division Mentor Award

Johan Wiklund (Syracuse University)